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  • JESSICA, 24 | BAKERSFIELD, CA Why are women more hungry and want to eat tons of sugar before their period?

    It’s thought that the production of sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and their cyclic nature has a strong effect on appetite. Researchers found that an increase in progesterone production happens before your period and this is responsible for binge eating. Estrogen, on the other hand, peaks before ovulation and drops before your period, is acts as an appetite suppressant.

    Sugar cravings are especially frustrating and happen as a result of low blood sugar. An increase in insulin sensitivity closer to your period will cause blood sugar levels to drop making brownies the food of choice during this time of month.

  • ASHLEY, 29 | FRESNO, CA Why am I so gassy during the week before my period?

    As a result of hormonal changes, bloating and bowel changes including gas and diarrhea are completely common and normal symptoms of PMS.

  • SANDY, 33 | PHOENIX, AZ Can I drink alcohol when my PMS gets out of control?

    Excessive alcohol use can increase levels of estrogen disrupting hormones, dehydration, bloating and water retention making PMS symptoms intolerable. News flash…for women one drink /day is acceptable. This means one serving of a five oz glass of wine, one 12 ounce beer or one 1.5oz of hard liquor. Also if you take a day or two off from drinking each week this gives the liver time to recover from the negative effects of alcohol. Excessive amount of alcohol use would include drinking two or more drinks alcoholic beverages daily. One night of excessive drinking may give you a horrible hangover in the morning but it won’t disrupt your PMS unless it becomes a daily occurrence.

  • EMILY, 33 | WASHINGTON, DC If I have a history of depression am I more prone to PMS depression?

    A history of depression, anxiety or other emotional problems can exacerbate typical PMS symptoms including mood swings, extreme depression, fits of anger and overwhelming anxiety one to two weeks before your period. Women with known psychological disease can make common symptoms of PMS unmanageable.

  • TYLER, 35 | HENDERSON, NEVADAHow does stress affect PMS?

    It is well known that stress and stressors directly affect our health, whether we want to admit it or not. Stress not only affects our body physically but also affects our emotions and behaviors. Stress exacerbates depression, anxiety, weight loss or weight gain and foggy brain. PMS, along with common stress symptoms, can make the one to two weeks prior to your period debilitating.

  • MADELINE, 27 | SALT LAKE CITY, UTDoes exercise help with PMS and other period related problems?

    Exercise is great for just about any hormonal issues. Regular exercise 4-6 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes is helpful to reduce bloating, weight fluctuation and water retention.

  • SYLVIA, 39 | SACRAMENTO, CAI heard that having sex during that horrible time of the month can help my symptoms, is that true?

    Many women love having period sex to help relieve period cramps and hormonal blues from PMS. For starters, it is harder to get pregnant on your period, but you still can especially for women with shorter period intervals and earlier ovulation. If having sex during your PMS cloud helps relieve some of your symptoms, go for it! Always play it safe and use a reliable birth control method even on your period.

  • RAVEN, 29 | HOLLYWOOD, CAMy boyfriend doesn’t understand what I am going through when my PMS strikes, what can I tell him so he can be more helpful?

    Sometimes it’s your partner who will notice your PMS upheaval before you do. If your partner notices a new onset of irritability, anxiety and depression that starts to interfere with your life or relationship, it’s worth seeing your healthcare provider for guidance and treatment options. Once you understand what is happening with your body, emotions and hormonal chaos you can be more open and honest with your partner. Awareness, communication, understanding and, at times, medication and therapy is necessary.


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If taking hormonal birth control, it’s impossible to know what hormonal cycle you are in. Consult with your health care provider or have a Hormonal Consult with Dr. Sherry

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